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Government of National Unity

Ministry of Finance

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Ministry of Finance

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About the Ministry

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for devising and implementing Financial Policies of the Libyan State within the framework of the general directions of the Government of National Unity. The Ministry prepares Public Budget of the State in cooperation with Ministries and Government Agencies, in a manner that reflects the financial directions of the State, foremost of which is improvement of the living standard of citizens and increase economic growth rates. In this context, the Ministry of Finance directs government investment in line with the Financial Policies of the State, in addition to managing public debt via maintaining its rates within internationally accepted limits, and working to enhance financial stability through the optimal use of available financial resources. The Ministry also strengthens joint cooperation relations with other countries in the financial areas through signing agreements that provide the legal framework for these relations. These agreements include, but are not limited to, double taxation avoidance agreements, free trade agreements, and customs agreements.

Financial stability for sustainable development.

Devising and developing Public Financial Policies and Plans, and
rationalizing and controlling governmental spending.

Preparing and implementing the financial and economic policies of the State in a way that enhances financial stability to achieve development goals and consolidate the principles of integrity and transparency.